Fatty tissue – our greatest enemy and something that constantly spends our nights with eyelids. We usually collect it for years. Can you quickly and effectively get rid of body fat and achieve the desired figure? Meet 9 tips on how to burn fat faster!

1. Do not look at the weight

Continuous peeking during weight loss is extremely frustrating. You train, run, take care of your diet, and your weight still indicates the same value. It is best if you measure the perimeters of the body parts such as the stomach, thighs or calves, and above all you see the difference after the clothes that start falling off of you. The best indicator is the measure.

2. Reduce calories gradually

Do not reduce the calories you eat from food too quickly. The organism will then receive a signal that you are fasting and will slow down your metabolism , which will make it harder to burn fat. To prevent this, reduce your calorie intake very gradually, eg from week to week. This will definitely make better effects.

3. Differentiate your calorie intake

Try to deceive your body by changing the amount of calories each day, but not every day, by modifying your meals so that the value of calories is varied. Why? Again, it is about metabolism , which accustomed to the same calorific value of the food products it receives, slows down and stops burning fat at a rapid rate.

4. Train with weights

It is well known that both aerobic and strength training burn calories. The difference, however, is that strength training allows you to burn calories up to 39 hours after your workout, and therefore at rest. Importantly, it is necessary to exercise with loads, because in this way the body does not burn the muscles in the process of weight loss and builds up. Again, we avoid the slowdown of metabolism. Many people after slimming look very poorly because their body is deprived of muscles and any muscles. You can avoid this.

5. Do interval workouts

Intermediate workouts constantly stimulate the body to work. The best way to do a good workout is to alternate doing exercises, like jumping for 15-20 seconds at a very fast pace, and for another half a minute much slower. We can also do sprinting, sprinting with sprinting. However, if we are in much worse shape, we must necessarily start aerobic exercise at less intense pace.

6. Eat more fat

This tip applies only to polyunsaturated fats. They are found in nuts, fish, as well as olive oil and yolks. The body will be much more efficient and healthier if you provide yourself with a healthy dose of fats every day.

7. Reduce carbohydrates

There are different views on the limitation of carbohydrates . Some argue that this is not the best idea, but it is very reasonable to eliminate unhealthy simple sugars. They can be replaced by carbohydrates, which are found in oatmeal, fruit.

8. Increase the amount of protein

More protein helps accelerate metabolism, and by the way build muscle. Fat burns faster as soon as you finish eating your protein . There are studies that clearly show that protein intake definitely affects the building of a muscular figure, even without training.

9. Eat 6 smaller meals a day instead of 2-3 heavy meals

Consuming more meals during the day, especially if you do it regularly, allows you to supply your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins more often and in the right amounts . If too much time passes between meals, the body begins to switch to fat storage mode. Then the muscles will be burned for energy and the metabolism will slow down.
You can consciously control your metabolism to achieve good results in reducing body fat and building a muscular figure.