Every man dreams of being able to boast of beautifully carved belly muscles. The so-called “radiator” arouses the admiration of women and is the object of desire in men. Many people consider the “six pack” on the stomach as a symbol of masculinity and ideal silhouette. But it is not easy to build it – only a strict diet and proper workouts can help burn fat covering your muscles. Both the choice of exercise and the technique of exercise are crucial here. “Radish” on the belly – how to build it and enjoy it longer – information you will find in the article below.

“Radish” on the stomach – where to start?

” Belly is built in the kitchen ” – this claim is old as the world and still true, however, it should be slightly extended. With proper diet, we get rid of excess fat, and during strength training we give an impulse to muscle growth . Equally important, during the workout interval we provide him with adequate time to regenerate . That is why building a dream figure should start with a plan that takes all three aspects into consideration.

We need to put in place a proper training plan in which we focus on multi-tasking exercises – while working on sit ups and dead belts, the abdominal muscles work exceptionally intensively. In addition, this type of exercise will allow you to spend more energy, which in turn will contribute to fat burning.

Having a prepared training plan, you should take care of nutrition . The diet will be an important element – being on a negative caloric balance, well-chosen macronutrients will help protect muscle mass from damage, adequate amounts of fats will promote maintenance of high levels of anabolic hormones, and carbohydrates will be needed as a source of energy and will aid in regeneration. The beginning of the construction of the abdominal muscles is associated with the arrangement of the training and diet plan.

It is also worth taking care of proper supplementation . Vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely important, as they are depleted during weight reduction diets.

Other supplements that can help achieve the goal include:

  • Creatine is the best tested supplement currently being used in a variety of sports. It increases strength and endurance, effectively contributing to heavier training sessions;
  • BCAA amino acids – they not only allow you to protect your muscles from disintegration during exercise, but they will also help you to regenerate and accelerate your fat burning process. BCAAs are also able to shorten the time of occurrence of DOMSs, commonly known as leeches.

Having a ready plan, you need to put it into practice. Remember that as important as training is regeneration. There is a good saying “to measure the force of intent”, which in this case should be understood as a warning. You need to find the time for the right amount of sleep and rest. You can not “torment” your body with daily workouts without enough time for regeneration.

“Radish” on the stomach – what affects it?

There are many factors influencing the possession of the “radiator” on the stomach. Of course, the most important is diet and training. Apart from them, there is a great share of regeneration and supplementation. But that’s not all. Stress plays a huge role – its level and stressors . As it increases, cortisol levels increase in the body. And this hormone promotes the accumulation of fat . An additional consequence of elevated stress hormone levels is that itwill stop burning fat and build muscle mass.. It favors the appearance of chronic fatigue, distention and malaise. To effectively fight it, you need to find a way to relieve stress. For some it will be a rest with a book or watching a movie, for others to go out with friends. On this occasion, another thing appears that affects the appearance of the “radiator” on the stomach, namely alcohol. It provides empty calories that are unused to become fatty. Drinking alcohol is also stimulated by appetite, so we eat unhealthy snacks.

It is also good to get rid of excess water from the body . One of the simpler ways is to get more water. To keep the body from stopping the fluid must get the right amount. It is assumed that on non-workout days drink 0.03 liters, and in training 0.04 liters of water per kilogram of body weight.

The last thing to pay close attention to is controlling your blood sugar . Insulin is one of the anabolic hormones that we are able to control. How? By eating low glycemic index carbohydrates during the day, before high and low GI, before and after training. It is true that we will have more energy for exercise and we will rebuild glycogen stores more quickly after exercise . Insulin post-session insulin will also promote the transport of proteins and nutrients directly to the muscles.

Exercise for the “radiator” – best exercises on the stomach

There are many so-called best exercises on the abdomen. Many of them are promoted by well known bodybuilders and athletes. However, it must be borne in mind that each person has a different anatomy. For the sake of this fact, what is great for one person may turn out to be completely ineffective for another. Here are some exercises that have the best performance.

Exercises on the “radiator” at home

Exercises on the abdominal muscles at home can be a supplement to your diet and will be ideal for those who do not have time to go to the gym . It’s good to know what exercises to do to get the best results. Below are some of them:

  • Planks – all possible varieties, eg plank front , sideways . These are exercises that help strengthen the core muscles, that is deep.
  • Mountain running – also all possible variations, which are very much – free running, oblique, spiderman, etc. It is worth getting to know these variations, as they will heavily involve the lower abdominal muscle and core. In different variants we will also be able to engage the oblique muscles.
  • Isometric isotropies – by performing so-called “tummy tucking ” (eg, torso lying with raised legs in knees ) it is good to hold the maximum tension for 3 to 5 seconds and then loosen the muscles. In this way we increase the work of all muscle fibers accelerating the appearance of effects.

“Caloric” on the stomach – summary

Exercising on the stomach at home will be a great alternative for anyone who does not have the time or wants to go out to fitness clubs. However, the appearance of the “radiator” on the belly depends on many other factors. It is not worth doing hundreds of repetitions of abdominal muscles exercises because they also require regeneration.
Building a permanent radiator takes up to a dozen or so weeks, but once the goal is achieved, you will be proud to enjoy the effects of your work.



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